OpenGL/SDL real-time 3D/4D fractal viewer and generator


In contrast to most 3D-fractal programs, 3dfrac directly generates vertex data which is displayed in OpenGL without using image rendering techniques. This allows the user to directly interact with the fractal and view the fractal without delay. 3dfrac can currently display two different versions of a higher dimensional Mandelbrot fractal (not triangulated) as well as the two-dimensional Newton fractal and a test pyramid. The user interface is implemented within the OpenGL context with SDL, but it will most likely be replaced in the future by an additional GTK window due to difficulties with the SDL/OpenGL library interaction.
In the future the program could be used to easily search for 3D data within the fractals for the purpose of reusing it in 3D models and environments.
Many features are still missing and additional developers are needed (see current development status).


Current development status

Currently all development is halted until at least October 2011.

Features done:

  • newton fractal
  • user input
  • use of VBOs
  • mandelbrot 3D/4D
  • menu and various functions
  • fractal resolution change
  • multithreaded fractal calculation
  • better memory management
  • 3D slices through a 4D fractal

Features partially done:
  • audio interpretation of fractal data (code not on sourceforge)

Features undone:
  • new GTK interface
  • export of vertex data
  • triangulation
  • backface culling
  • dynamic fractal zoom
  • successive refinement
  • 4D projection of a 4D fractal
  • 4D rotation of a 4D fractal
  • more 3D/4D fractals
  • 2D fractals for surfaces/landscapes
  • better memory management

Feel free to contact me and participate in the project.

© 2010-2011 Mathias Steiger - 3dfrac released under GPLv3